FEATURED: "Up Against the Wall" on PetaPixel

"Over the past several years, photographer Flo Razowsky of Nogales, Arizona, has been photographing the ultra-long walls that divide international borders around the world. Her project is titled “Up Against the Wall.”

The project started back in 2002 when Razowsky, the great-granddaughter of Jewish immigrants from Russia, witnessed the construction of a 500-mile-long, 25-foot-high wall in the West Bank. After looking around the world, Razowsky came to realize that this type of dividing wall was far from unusual, and in many spots around the world, people regularly risk imprisonment or death to try and cross the divide.

So, Razowsky began photographing these walls themselves. The photo above shows the wall at Jerusalem in 2008. Razowsky has also visited the walls of Spain and the US.

“Considering these structures allows us to ask why these structures exist, who builds them, to what ends and who is impacted,” Razowsky says. “Visualizing these structures offer those of us not forced up against the walls in this world a glimpse of the reality we are building.”"

Full Article: http://petapixel.com/2016/05/11/photos-walls-divide-borders-around-world/