Wild Life Still

Four Legged Coyotes,
     Tracking Your Hike 
     Through the Hills.
Attempting to Stay Unseen,
Sailing Through the Brush,
Showing off Breakfast in the Mouth.

Two Legged Mules,
     Cruising, Camo Pack Laden
     Through the Bush,
     Carrying their Loads.
Under the Constant Gaze of La Migra.
And, Except We Can All See Them.
Lazing on the Porch, Watching,
     Our Own Private PBS.

Brilliant Mewing Peacocks,
     Free Ranging the Hood,
     In Their Full Splayed Rainbow Dress.
One, Pure White.
Cawing and Meowing
Like Wild Time Cats.
The Mac Daddy,
     Daily Ritual
     Challenging His Reflection
     In the Shiny Morn Truck Bumper

The Phatest of the Fat Toad-ster,
     Holding Down the Night Time Streets,
     And Holding Down the Roach peeps.
Tale Tells,
     If You Lick Him, 
     You Get to Speak His Tongue.

A Million Gatos,

Bi-National Perros
Know No Borders,
     And Attempt to Run as One Crew.
Yet Barrier,
Upon Barrier,
Block Their Way.

Big, Hairy-Legged Tarantulas,
     Molting Mid Road.

Free Flyin Hummingbirds

La Cucarachas
     Creeping Around
And Creeping Me Out.

     Of Thin Legged
     Fat Legged
     Bulbous Bodied

Stinging Scorpions
     Crawling Their Way
     Through Dreams and
     Across Porches

Ginormous Hawks
     Cruising the Wind Waves
     At Mountain Top Eye Levels