Featured: "Up Against the Wall" in Metro.Co.UK

Is the effort to keep ‘foreigners’ out good for national identity or is it refusing to help those in need?

Photographer Flo Razowsky’s ongoing series, Up Against the Wall, captures this struggle.

The project began in 2002 while Razowsky was living in the Palestinian territories.

In 2008 she left and moved on to borders between Ukraine/Slovakia, Serbia/Croatia, Mexico/US and Morocco/Spanish Melilla.

I watched Israel begin construction on what is now a nearly 500-mile long, largely 25ft high concrete wall inside the West Bank of occupied Palestine,’ says Razowsky.

‘At the time, the idea to build a physical and militarised structure, that displaces and separates as a solution to something deemed a problem, blew my mind.

‘So I began looking around. And I came to realise, building a structure to keep the other out or lock them in was not so unusual.

‘In many cases, people by the scores were willing to risk imprisonment or death in attempt to cross.’

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2016/09/14/in-photos-the-worlds-largest-borders-6111689/#ixzz4KfNyZAoy